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Reinventing Hooks with React Easy State

This article defies a lot of trending patterns, like: React hooks, avoiding mutable data, traditional dependency injection, and full front-end testing.


Production Ready with Node.js Training

We prepared a new, 5-days-long training agenda for engineering teams who’d like to dive deep into Node.js, but have little to none experience with it.


Every Article by RisingStack

This page is simply a collection of every article we ever wrote at RisingStack, in reverse chronological order.


Get Hooked on Classless React

A Hook is a function, which lets you hook into React features from your functional component. This way we can use functional components instead of classes.


Great Content from JSConf Budapest 2019

JSConf Budapest is a 2-day non-profit community conference in Budapest. RisingStack participated as a workshop organizer and sponsor. Check out the talks!